Our services

Providing services from 2000 year as an operator of several leased helicopters, at the moment we have a large fleet of Ka-32 helicopters (one of the largest operators), Mi-8 of various modifications, ilyushin-76 aircrafts (IL-76) and An-3 aircrafts. 

Services effectively performed by our aircrafts :

Ka-32 helicopter operetes with external sling
Helicopter cargo transportation on external sling
  • external sling operations
  • cargo transportation
  • firefighting operations with bambi buckets
  • assembly works of complete constructions in the mountains
  • rescue operations,
  • offshore operations
  • skydiving
  • aviation chemical operations 

We operate in various parts of the world: Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, Portugal and Antarctica.

The Company is certified as an operator capable of performing various forms (including heavy forms) of technical maintenance and routine maintenance on these types of aircraft in accordance with the requirements of Part-145. Air Company possesses a staff of highly qualified flight and technical personnel. We have pilots and engineering offices, flight data monitoring office and also Certified training centers for flight and engineering personnel.