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Developer and Manufacturer: equipment and components for Ka-32, Mi-8, IL-76

With purpose of fleet upgrading we grow as the Organization for the Development of Aviation Equipment and Components for Ka-32, Mi-8 of different modifications, IL-76 and other aircrafts (Developer Certificate No.UA.21J.0023). 

Based on the approved Design Organization Handbook (DOH), we have developed and obtained over 30 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) in the following main directions:

  • Aviation glasses (STC for Mi-8T, for Ka-32, for Mi-8MTV, for Mi-8PS);
  • Branch pipes of air systems (STC for Mi-8T, for Ka-32, for Mi-8MTV);
  • Fuel tanks (STC for Mi-8T, for Mi-8MTV);
  • Engine life time (STC for АШ-62ИР);
  • Life time of auxiliary power units (STC for APU РУ-19, for APU ТА-6);
  • Life time of rotors (STC for rotor АВ-2, rotor АВ-72, rotor АВ-68);
  • Service life of the chassis wheels (STC for КТ158(9));
  • Modernization of equipment for instrument flights (STC for Mi-8T(ПС), for Ka-32);
  • Installation of satellite navigation systems (STC for GPSMAP296).
Hangar storage of helicopters Ka-32 Mi-8
Hangar storage of helicopters

All of the above mentioned works are performed on the manufacturing base of our Company — the aviation technical complex. We possess aerodrome (heliport) with all necessary infrastructure (command and control post, hangars, warehouses of components, fuel, fire reservoir, rescue service, etc.).

The aviation technical complex also has laboratories for checking a flight, navigation, radio, electrical and electronic equipment, and checking the quality of fuels and lubricants.

Certified scientific and technical center for metrological support of aviation equipment was also established at the aviation technical complex.

Flight Data Recorder CFDR-42

From 2015 to the present time the Parametric Data and Audio Information Recorder CFDR-42 (STC No. UA.21K.0001) has been developed and certified as an aviation component.

Flight Data Recorder CFDR

The Recorder is also certified for installation as standard equipment to three types of aircraft: An-12, Il-76, Ka-32.

More than 40 Recorders are manufactured, approved for installation, installed and are being operated reliably on AN-12, IL-76 and KA-32 aircrafts.

Now works are in the process for certifying the Recorder for other types of aircrafts. Also we work on the modernization of the Recorder so it could transmit parametric information in online mode, our plan is to implementing the video recording of instrumental information and the working activity of the crew (the perspective ICAO directive).